Good morning, did you have a dream?

Did nighttime cure the ailments that seem

To be penetrating your very spirit 

And being? Let’s hope the answer is yes

Say more or say less, whichever is best

It’s a new day but the sun has yet to shine

Digging deep for content in the depths of the mind

You seem to be lost, have you gone too far? 

As long as the night reigns you’ll be a lonely star

The blackness out in front of you is haunting 

Every attempt to escape from the dark is daunting 

Begging the saints to have mercy on you 

The sun is the only one who turns black to blue 

Once again, good morning. Are you going to wait to be healed? 

The handmaiden at the door holds the tapestry

Sit on the floor, cross your legs and make sure you ask for me 

When the candles are burning my spirit will awaken 

The darkness will finally leave you, unscathed unshaken. 


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