Sweetest Dream

When I wake up in the night, I feel the subtle warmth of your body next to mine. The room is cold and dark except for the faint beam of moonlight coming through the sheer curtain across the room. I turn and face you. Watching you sleep is secretly my favorite thing to do. The thought of loving you sends chills through my body, I reach for you. Under the dream-blue sheets I feel for your arm and pull myself closer to you as a few tears roll down my face. I hold back the sniffling and wipe away my tears. I rest my head on your shoulder and hold your hand. I close my eyes and try to imagine what you’re dreaming about tonight. You’re on my mind, but this isn’t a dream. A few more small tears slowly steam down my cheeks. This time I don’t wipe them. I close my eyes and say a prayer “…let him be mine forever.” Then I fell in love with you once again.


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