The story of YOU, Part I 

I thought I knew what love was. Yes, I thought I had it figured it out, I had the key to unlock all of the secrets of passion. As foolish as I was then, the universe was kind enough to introduce me to you. That day is now a bit blurry, but one part of it is still crystal clear; you. Since that day in the summer, I’ve fallen for you a thousand times over. Initially intimidated at the idea of entertaining a thing so powerful, I doubted my abilities. You didn’t, you let everything flow as freely as the river. I told you I loved you, still under the impression that I knew it for what it was. You let me love you, and that day in January proved that I did. Though my perception was flawed, real love managed to reach me. That was a minuscule corner of the world of real love. We had just set sail, I hadn’t truly explored anything  yet. Again you let me keep loving you, and this time you loved me back. The seas were calm and we seemed to sail effortlessly but swiftly. The ocean wide as it was turned a stream in my eyes. I gained clarity. Though the journey continued on for a long while, it was not perfect. I never stopped loving you even at the times where the storm took us under. The universe still played its tricks the whole while we ventured together. The distractions thrown in front of us would never catch us by surprise. Your wisdom and my intuitive nature allowed us to pass through all barriers. Not once did I lose faith in you. Only then had I unlocked a new door; trust. The trials of trust to this day are my favorite for one true reason; you. I can’t imagine enduring such hardships for any other besides you, and I wouldn’t. The amount of love I have for you has grown to be near infinite. You didn’t abandon me, you stayed here with me while I learned things that you had already mastered in love. Reflecting back on those perilous moments in time I now realize that love was present all along in many different forms. A multifaceted element that plays as the student and teacher. Of all the lessons you’ve been by my side for, I can only thank you with the greatest gift of all, love. 


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