I’ve  decided that in this world, importance is an individual decision. To you, I may be important. The consequence of this decision is the reaction it causes you to have. I have a sense of self importance, combined with humility and love. All of this can be inspirational to another person. If my positive traits are deemed a threat, the reaction will be ire, jealousy, and ultimately the threatened person will decide to take these things away from me. Only in a perfect world does the superhero defeat the villain every time. On earth, spiritual warfare is prevalent, but it is not as black and white as good and evil. There is a winding twisting road with a combination of the two. The lesson here is to know when to embrace good and when to embrace evil. It is not possible to revive every wilted plant in the garden of life. You have to allow evil to defeat itself, because it will. Once you decide to walk in the light, evil will do all it can to pull you back in. You WILL be hurt, distraught, vulnerable. In order to shed your weaknesses, you must live them, be them and let them fade. Evil will be disguised as good, and good will be presented in obscure ways. Having faith in yourself, honesty, and strength is your shield in this war. 


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