Living to Live, Living to Die

In this life we see with our eyes, think with our hearts, live with our minds. Somehow we still find the time in our short days, to live. There is no one true way to live, nor is there a sole way to die. Expectations in this journey can either lead you on a path of successful endeavors, or a road of treachery stemming from negativity. Death is the result of a new life being formed. On a smaller scale, the end of a day leads to the beginning of a new day. That can be taken as a good thing for those who anticipate the better things tomorrow has to offer. Today is nice. Yesterday was okay. Tomorrow is unknown. I can’t speak for anyone else when I say I live to die. I push myself to the best of my ability. I float through life like a feather on the ocean, a leaf in the wind. Sometimes i tumble, a bolder diving off of a cliff. Still, I live to die. I renew myself. Though I ramble on, there is a method to my madness. Acceptance in whatever life allows me to experience. Death makes way for better things to come. Going through the best and worst in life is what makes it worth living. Knowing that it will all come to an end is the joy within the pain. Even the good shall die to make way for the better. This is why I live to die.


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