I am so tired, typing this post with my eyes shut, but this has been on my mind for a while and I’d thought I’d get it out before bed. Most of us are told to forgive and forget, we’re taught not to hold grudges, not to seek revenge, and not to be angry. I agree with this (partially). My own experiences have shaped my feelings toward the subject. I’ve been angry for a long time about something I know will probably never change. Why have I stayed angry for so long? Self pity. It was fine at first, expressing anger was a normal part of what I was dealing with, but for me to still be holding this grudge years later is stupid and I know it. The only my way I’m able to admit this is because it’s gotten to a point where I’m tired of being angry. It’s seriously more draining to be upset when no one cares. So I’m letting go, releasing all of the trivial things I’ve been clinging to for so long. The next step I’m taking is forgiveness. Forgiving myself and ultimately everything else that has allowed me to waste so much of my energy for so long. 


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