Doubled over from the pain of demons gnawing at her soul. She cried just enough to make her head throb with the intensity matched only by a train wreck. The day was cruel. Thoughts of his death flooded her mind and now her demons are excited. “You’ll never see him again.” “You’re stuck with us, stupid bitch.” If only she were bold enough to defy the will of nature, she could bottle the demons and send them back to hell. Hell, where they belong. Where she belongs, but not yet. She has to endure a few more decades crippled by the memories of that day. She blinks the tears from her eyelashes and thinks out loud. “Too soon.” Two whole years and it’s still too soon to open his obituary. The frail rose stuck between the pages is paper thin and ugly. The worst time of her life is still not over. She thought the moments of joy were signs that she was happy. Foolish girl. Blues masked by rosy cheeks and chamomile tea. The demons still tortured her mind and the fire burned endlessly.


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