Loved ones. 

Hated by loved ones and embraced by enemies, is that how it’s meant to be? If I asked you, I know you couldn’t tell me. This is the question I ask myself and answer alone. It’s meant to be. No matter how peculiar and cruel it may seem. This event is never postponed. The hate is presented, rain or shine. My envious enemies are the life of the party. Slithering to center stage to steal the spotlight, these snakes seem to seek the attention of the one they despise so deeply. Their devious demeanors don’t put a dent in my day. Deep down I know it to be true that jealousy is a form of flattery. Not knowing how to express emotions leads to confusion and chaos, two things that tend to take the lead when the tar filled hearts of my best enemies see the positive things the universe has granted me. The blackness erupts and bitterness floods what was once a two way street where loved flowed freely. This is where things get tricky. Taking the time to send love to those who don’t know what love is will leave you with less love to give but ultimately more love to gain. Similar to hate this event never stops,  shine or rain. When love calls your name and you ignore it you’re the one who misses out. Love is always alive and never hard to find. So the next time you find yourself looking for love, know that love lies within hate. 


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