the life path 

Wandering with no sense of direction; there’s nowhere to turn. How will i ever reach my destiny? I don’t know when this journey began. I woke up and my reality came crashing down, thunder and lightening. A storm is the last thing i need in my life. So now I’m travelling through the storm, did i mention I’m all alone? Just when i thought it couldn’t get any worse it didn’t. I raised my purple umbrella to the sky and let the wind carry me. Of course it didn’t really carry me. I followed the icy breeze down a dark and treacherous road. This path seemed too long to be real, how could i still not be where I’m destined to be?! As i grew frustrated i began to slow down. The breeze never turned back to wait for me, it kept going down the winding road without me. Would i be wrong to be upset? Never mind my question, if you could see my face you’d know i certainly wasn’t happy in that moment. Now that my travel guide has abandoned me, i don’t know where to go. Which way is the right way? Once again I’m alone to tread the path to my destiny. 


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