Everything in life comes at a cost. Hence the saying “nothing in life is free.” While the cost may not be monetary, the universal law of cause and effect constantly reminds us that there is always a price to pay. In some instances the price is just right, while at other times the cost of an event in life can be very steep. Perseverance is the title of this article because the concept of pushing through obstacles with unwavering faith seems to be a lost art. Many times we doubt ourselves before we even begin to pursue our dreams and turn our thoughts into actions. That very common behavior hinders many of us from doing the great things we strong desire to do. For example, I want to be an artist! Yes; Vincent van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Georgia O’Keeffe type of artist. Because I’m an adult with little artistic experience, I was very reluctant to pursue this new venture because I knew would not be good at it. Fear of failure often overshadows the possibility of success. I had to suck up the fact that I wouldn’t be able to paint the best landscapes of the 21st century, and realize that every little step of progress I made would help me become the artist I want to be. Apply this sort of thinking to yourself. The small steps and “failures” you encounter on your path to success are meant to help you be the best. Without failure how could we appreciate success? Furthermore, are you willing to persevere and pay the cost of your personal success? 


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