who’s in control? 

Yes, another question. Let’s be honest, if I didn’t ask these questions you’d probably feel obligated to agree with my opinions. That’s not what The Pink Cloud Theory is for. So back to the subject at hand. Who’s in control, me or my mind? I’d like to think there’s a balance in which I share with my mind. It’s not an agreement of course, but in the instances where I speak at a whim, I attribute that to the brilliance of my mind. Even with well thought-out actions I have to give credit to my mind once again. When am I in control? To put it bluntly, when I do the stupid shit. Yes, and when I say stupid I mean stupid. Though I’m not the brightest nor most brilliant being, I could easily improve the things I say and do when I’m in control. All I’d need is a little help from my mind. And with that, I’d have to surrender to my mind, something my ego strongly detests. In case there’s confusion as to who is behind the wheel, I am the backseat driver. My ego allows me to believe that I am in full control of the vehicle, while my mind is silently steering, paying me no mind


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