Fresh out the shower, but something still lingers in my mind. Why can’t I be everywhere at once? I know it’s a stupid question and it’s really impossible. The thought still doesn’t fade. Many people I am acquainted with are dependent on me emotionally, and it saddens me that I can’t be there for each of them in the ways they need me. Of course it’s unhealthy to bear the burden of emotional stress of your loved ones, but in my mind I’m playing the role of a mother nurturing all of her children. Being empathetic and compassionate is no easy task. I’m proud to help the people and my life, every smile is a token I place in my pocket. Just as the tokens are valuable, the weight is at times much more than I can handle. The ultimate purpose is to not sacrifice your happiness for the happiness of others all the time. Take a break and give yourself time to reflect on the things in your life that are lifting you up and weighing you down. You’ll thank me later. 


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