Business… Mind your own? 

Today, I would to share a thought. Too often we are concerned with the lives and actions of people around us. Whether they are family members or people we care (or even don’t care) about, we find ourselves snooping around in their business. Personally I’ve been on the receiving end of this type of behavior, and more often than not, “FUCK OFF” is my mentality towards the situation. Of course I know there are some good intentions, and truthfully I appreciate it. Other times I can feel the dark stares into my mind and the quick-tongued devil masking their cruel intentions behind a pleasant smile. This is the definition of a hater. So obsessed and fake interested in your life to the point where they aren’t even living their own lives anymore. It’s saddening and ultimately amusing that someone so “put together” and “well off” still finds the time of day to make your business their business. If only they were getting paid! 


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